Your instructor is Jens Trumpa


Most important of all, I love what I do and I love working with children of all ages. Throughout my life I have always worked with children and young adults. Let it be in youth camps, exchange student programs or school projects. So of course I was thrilled when I had my own kids and could enjoy the beauty of childhood all the time.

I grew up in Germany for the first two and a half decades of my life but early on was on the road. Regular travels with family around Europe, Youth trips, especially ski trips, an exchange student year in the United States, student exchanges in France, participation in the international group Up With People, ISR Clothing practicemany travels with my friends, work and travel tour through Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, internships in LA and Denver, and an educational work trip to Ecuador added educational, joyful and horizon widening spice to my life. I hold the degree mba from the prestigious University of Cologne teaching me discipline in education and an open minded approach to theories, ideas and knowledge.

Shortly after our son was born we moved to Hawaii. Right after our daughter was born my wife and I discovered ISR. It wasn’t just our children though, that went through the course and learn swimming like dolphins, also we as parents studied hard to become Jens hands squrcertified infant swimming resource instructors and I taught for 7 years in Honolulu and continue in Bend, Oregon with joy.

I truly enjoy empowering children with these valuable self-rescue swim lessons. It amazes me every day of what they can achieve and I get to part of it. The swim skills they learn are simply magical and the not only could potentially save lives but also provide a solid foundation for a life time of fun in the water.

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is a nationally recognized system of aquatic survival instruction for infants and young children. The program focuses on educating parents and children about aquatic survival and safety issues. ISR is the product of more than 40 years of research and development by Dr. Harvey Barnett. ISR Instructors have trained over 175,000 infants and young children in over 7 million safe aquatic selfrescueTM swim lessons. ISR Instructors are highly trained professionals and undergo annual recertification. Water safety with skill, confidence and joy! A gift of a life time!

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