ISR Swim School is proud to serve beautiful Boulder Valley making children in Colorado safer in and around the water with age appropriate swim skills:

Children learn:
6 months to 1 year : Rollback to Float and maintaining solid float (average time to learn 4 to 5 weeks)
1 year and up:            Swim-float-swim sequence (average time to learn 5 to 8 weeks)

Lessons are:

-One on One with the instructor (Parent/ Caretaker on side of pool to support)
-5 days a week Monday through Friday
-Length 10 minutes
-Lessons go for about 4-6 weeks
(lessons are skill based, once the student masters the skills she or he completed the course)
– National Registration with ISR is mandatory to make sure lessons are save – (one time $105 fee)
– Weekly Lesson Fee in Bend $85/week

Completion of lessons are based on age appropriate achieved goal:

A solid rollback to float and independent float also performed fully clothed for children not walking strongly yet.
A confident swim-float-swim sequence also performed fully clothed for children 1 and up.

You can always observe lessons to understand the infant swimming resource lessons which differ from traditional swim lessons. 

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